15.Aug.2012 2012年8月14日。


不知晴雨。全天都在會議室。老是想偷偷讀小說,譬如最近在追讀的 Ali Smith。喜歡她久不久不理文法,但無減文字的美麗韻律,偶而在巴士上,想讀出聲。


“The phrase reminded her of something Denny at the Evening News, with whom she’d worked on neighbourhood liaison pieces and with whom she’d had a short liaison herself, had told her some time ago, on their second and last lunchtime. He was a sweet man, Denny. He’d stood in front of her in her kitchen, their first time, and presented his penis to her very sweetly, rueful and hopeful both, a little apologetic about his erection and at the same time proud of it; she liked this. She liked him. But two lunchtimes was all it was, and they both knew it.”


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